Why Hire Oliver B?

When it comes to hiring a magician for your event, it can be difficult to find an illusionist who can not only cover a diverse range of magic types but can also communicate with your guests in the most appropriate manner. To make your job of hiring the ideal entertainment for your event a lot easier let us introduce Oliver B, one of the UK’s favourite magicians. He lives to entertain and wow his fans with his next best trick. In this blog post we will be taking a look at three of the reasons why you should hire Oliver B for your next big event!


Oliver B has had much experience dealing with both high profile celebrities and different event guests which means he knows exactly how to approach a situation and what tricks to perform. Further to this, Oliver recognises the importance of communication at corporate, private and prestige events and performs only to satisfy his audience.

With an open-minded, experienced and polite attitude, Oliver B finds great delight in entertaining all who approach him and he makes the effort to ensure that everyone at the event has been thoroughly amused.


As mentioned before, experience is one of the most important aspects of a professional magician and something that Oliver B has plenty of. Having entertained everyone from celebrities to members of the public with his tricks, Oliver knows exactly where and what to perform at any given moment. In addition to his high level of experience, Oliver has compiled many guest reviews over the years including one in particular from Victoria Wadwa, a business development executive.

Victoria Wadwa has this to say: “Oliver first dazzled us with his entertainment skills at the W in 2012. It was one of our best nights since our opening with a fantastic crowd. Since then we’ve confirmed Oliver as one of our resident entertainers. Oliver always provides a fantastic, fascinating and feel-good performance, which our customers and guests absolutely love. He’s always professional and understands what sets The W Hotel and Wyld apart from other venues and reinforces this with his excellent magical skills, which superbly complements the chic and elegant style of W London and our clientele. He comes highly recommended!”

While JP commented on his magnificent project with O2 by saying “Oliver B was the face of our O2 Refresh social media campaign and absolutely blew us away. We knew we wanted a magician who could do some mobile phone magic but Oliver’s imagination, dedication and effortless skill meant we got much more than we could have hoped for. He was a hit everywhere he went, from our launch party to the streets of London and even Westfield. A fantastic trickster I’d recommend for anything!”


With any magician, a unique and bright personality is essential in getting the attention of guests and event managers alike. With Oliver B you are guaranteed not only a great performance but an equally fantastic personality. By humbly taking his magic to the streets, Oliver B has generated a lot of fan interest over the years and treats all of his audience with respect and humour.

Whether it’s a corporate or close up magician in London you’re looking for, Oliver B is the magician for your event.

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