Three Qualities of A Close-Up Magician

When it comes to the art of close-up magic, many people will argue that it is nothing more than a little sleight of hand and a cheeky smile to complete the trick and amaze the crowds however, despite common misconceptions, there is so much more than a simple flick of the wrist to successfully pull off a close-up trick. In this article, we will be taking a look at a few of the qualities associated with being a close-up magician.


In order to successfully pull off a trick, a close-up magician will need to have practiced over and over, not only to perfect the sleight of hand trick but also to achieve the adequate amount of concentration required to perform such magic. Think about it; there’s so much to watch for when performing close-up magic, magicians may as well have 12 eyes on the side of their head! Not only do they have to be watching closely to ensure that every person is engaged with the trick, they also have to make sure that they perform the trick correctly as well as being able to concentrate despite the noise of excited and amused people surrounding them.

Though it’s hard to test a magicians concentration outside of a trick, it may be worth reviewing a few testimonials or past videos of the magician performing their most famous trick to ensure that they are truly dedicated to entertaining the crowd and making the event as fun as possible.


Having a dash of creativity in their tricks allows magicians to be able to step outside the typical ‘magic box’ and perform a trick that will blow the minds of all who are watching; something many magicians aim for when entertaining their crowd with magic. Furthermore, by being able to display creativity to the audience it will make their act memorable and exciting. Arguably, close-up magic requires more creativity compared to other types of magic as people will be witnessing up-close and personal what the magician is doing, requiring the magician to be clever with their act and what they choose to do.

You may also find that creative close-up magic acts that incorporate the use of a deck of cards and another element prove more successful amongst smaller crowds as opposed to your typical card tricks that you’ve seen a thousand times.


Like any type of magician, close-up magicians need to be able to communicate with their selected audience on a professional yet engaging level, perhaps more so than the magicians who choose to perform their tricks on stage in front of a wider audience. Ideally, you should keep your eye out for close-up magicians who involve their audience in their trick rather than just perform and who make the effort to engage with the majority of individuals in their audience.

In addition to this, your magician should be approachable and welcoming while consisting of a favourable level of confidence to reassure audience members that the professional knows what he is doing at all times.

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