Three Qualities To Look For In A Wedding Magician

Weddings are fantastic, aren’t they? A celebration of love and life together and two people wed by rings that they will wear with pride for the rest of their lives, but how about we throw a little mystery amongst the delicate white décor? Wedding magicians are great for several reasons, mainly because of their apt capability to be able to move swiftly from table to table and entertain a varied range of group sizes with the flick of a card. However, when looking for the ideal wedding magician, what three qualities do we need to keep an eye out for?


Being able to communicate with any group of individuals can be a tall order, but when it comes to wedding magicians they should have this quality pretty much perfected. As it is in their job title to engage with different people on a regular basis, this is a key quality to look out for on meeting your potential magicians. Ideally, they should come across as being friendly and welcoming while portraying a strong sense of confidence in what they do however, it is important that you do not judge your magician based on first impressions.

It’s best to spend some time getting to know your potential magician prior to your event. If your magician isn’t open to meetings, then perhaps communicate on a different platform such as email or telephone; this way you are still allowing your magician to introduce himself and prove to you that he is the right man for your event.


Now this section is an obvious one to many who have already hired a wedding magician for their past event however, not enough people make the effort to ask about previous successes and their most famed tricks. While there are no qualifications in the art of magic, there is no stopping you asking to see a constructed portfolio outlining where the magician has performed in the past, any awards they may have won and so on. This way you can ensure that the magician you’re hiring is both genuine and suitable for your event.

It is also worth asking what tricks they are thinking of performing at your wedding so that you can ensure that they’re appropriate for the nature of the event and are engaging enough to keep everybody amused.


One of the most prized qualities of a wedding magician is the ability to be flexible at the event. By this we mean being able to adapt to different scenarios that could occur and knowing how to deal with different age groups, types of people in general and so on. Flexibility may also mean having the capability to know what tricks to perform to what people to ensure that everybody is kept busy. It may be worth asking your potential magician about different scenarios and how they would deal with them to ensure that your magician will able to handle the setting of your wedding.

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