What Are The Hidden Benefits Of A Wedding Magician?

As a bride you are going through your check list, you have ticked off the church, registry office or hotel, you have chosen your dress and been for the wedding dress fittings, you have sent the invites and chosen your bridesmaids, you have chosen the sorts of flowers you would like in your bouquet and on the tables. You have even booked the DJ for the wild evening ahead– but have you considered a wedding magician for your wedding entertainment?

There are many hidden benefits of a wedding magician as well as the amazing memories you and your guests will have for years to come!

An experienced wedding magician understands that as the happy couple or even the mother of the bride you will want to ensure that your guests are happy and enjoying themselves. But sadly you cannot be everywhere at once so you may need someone else to entertain guests for you.

At events like weddings there may be many people that do not know each other, the bride and grooms family, various school and university friends and then you have the bride and grooms work friends, that’s a lot of people to mix and mingle with – but this is where a wedding magician can help.

The wedding magician will be able to seamlessly bring these groups together with the power of magic, as the magician completes his illusions the guests will be bonding and as the magician leaves the newly formed groups with something to talk about, the ice will be broken and the barriers knocked down.

Things do not always go to plan at weddings, as much as you may have tried to make sure they do. For example the photos may be over quicker than the venue expected and the venue staff is not yet ready to let your guests through to the main room so they are left in the side room. However, with a wedding magician the guests will not even be aware of what is going on behind the scenes as they are still being fully entertained by the close up magician at your wedding. The wedding magician will help give a little bit of breathing space to your venue staffs who are making sure that everything is perfectly set up for your guests.

In theory your wedding magician is offering a safety net for your wedding while providing a real ‘wow’ factor, making it that little bit more special with a sprinkling of magic.

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