FIVE Top Tips for Hiring a Magician in London

Having a magician at your party, wedding or corporate event is a great idea as it helps to keep your guests entertained. It also means that your event stands out from the crowd and your event will be remembered for months after it has finished, but what do you need to find out before hiring magicians in London?

Tip One – Have a look at the magician’s website. If it looks like the magician made it himself and shows no great detail then is the magician you want? You want someone who takes pride in his work and what he does. A website is like a shop window – would you go into a shop on your high street if it was falling down or boarded up?

Tip Two – There are no qualifications that a magician needs to be a magician, so it can be tricky finding the ‘real deal’. It’s recommended that you look for a show reel, if this can be found on the site that’s great as it shows he is not only great at what he does, but he’s proud of it too!

Tip Three – Check that the magician from London is actually a magician in London, the last thing you want is a magician claiming to be from London then him not being able to find your venue as he has never been there before. Look for a London Magician who has worked in London before and knows his or her way about.

Tip Four – Can the magician do the stuff you want? Do you want a close up magician in London that can perform tricks a few feet away from you? If so, then look at the magic show reels he has, look at his testimonials and ensure that he or she really can do the magic show that you are expecting.

Tip Five – You need to ensure you get on with the magician you want to hire, make sure he or she will make your guests feel relaxed and the magician will mingle well at your party. The easiest way to find this out is by dropping the magician an email or calling them up, have a chat about the event, what you are expecting and get a feel for their personality.

There you have it, how to hire a London magician in five easy steps!