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One of magic’s sole intentions is to make the audience ask questions. How did they do tha

t? Where has that gone? How did they know that was my card?

So when you don’t know how a magician has performed a trick or piece of magic you know you’re in for a good show. Oliver B is one of the best magicians in London and is progressively staking his claim for being the best around.

Oliver B has already performed to a number of high profile celebrities and impressed them, even causing a member of One Direction to tweet about him. Some of the other big names include JLS, Roger Federer, Andy Murray and Paris Hilton whom have all given him a great testimonial.

His talent is unquestionable and continues to impress people everywhere he goes. Having recently visited the Brits, he has left his stamp there too where he was amongst all of the A-List stars.

If you want to watch this incredible London magician then you can find him performing every Tuesday at the W Hotel, Leicester Square where he has already amazed many people. Join the experience and welcome your eyes to impressive magic.

If you are also looking for extra sparkle at your event, then look no further than the talents of Oliver B.

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