Hunt For Happiness Week – A Funny Magician Story

This week is National Hunt for Happiness Week and we have hunted down this comical story for you, hopefully it will bring a smile to your face!

It seems that police in Newcastle were investigating the disappearance of a magician in Newcastle further to him going missing from a local bingo hall.

Jerry Russell was a magician in his hay day and as he aged he gave up his career of magic and retired, so the story goes. He often attended a local bingo hall and completed trickery and magic between games to entertain the bingo players.

Just before Christmas, Magician Jerry Russell, wearing a suit and top hat took to a magical box covered in stars and moons. He claimed that he was going to disappear. He entered the box and after 10minutes he had still not come out, an elderly man went up to the box and knocked on it. The box fell over and all that could be seen on opening it was the magician’s top hat.

The disappearance was reported to the police in Newcastle after the man could not be found and 2 weeks later Magician Jerry Russell was found in a local mental home, looking for his top hat!

How he got out of the Bingo Hall and back to the home no-one will ever now, makes you wonder though doesn’t it – Magic really is real!